Avid IF2™
Interferential System
Pain Free. Risk Free.

The Avid IF2 Interferential System offers non-narcotic, non-addictive and non-invasive treatment for acute, chronic and post-up pain. It also relaxes muscle spasms, maintains and increases range of motion, and improves blood circulation for faster healing. Plus, its remote monitoring technology collects and analyzes detailed patient data including pain levels, functional improvements, medication reductions, compliance and daily usage to help meet treatment goals.

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77% of VQ OrthoCare patients reported a decrease in pain medications.

Higher Frequency and Wider Range of Indications than TENS*

Avid IF2 incorporates innovative technology and offers a wider range of indications that extend beyond pain relief. While TENS is designed to stimulate sensory nerve endings, the Avid IF2 uses two high frequency currents that cross to form a third waveform, enabling it to pass through tissue, stimulate muscle motor nerves and treat a larger area than most other devices. With a higher frequency than TENS, Avid IF2 delivers deeper penetration to affect more tissue and targets multiple symptoms for more effective results.

Relieves Pain*
Increases local blood circulation to facilitate healing*x
Relaxes Muscle Spasms*x
Maintains or Increases Range of Motion*x